All Schools and Universities Need Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Phoenix, Arizona

All Schools and Universities Need Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning, Phoenix Arizona

If you operate and manage a school or university commercial kitchen, you probably have your hands full. There’s always so much to do to keep it running smoothly that you may be forgetting the basic fire safety services in the kitchen exhaust hood. Keeping your commercial exhaust system clean is extremely important; not only built-up grease which can fuel a fire, but the health risks of old greases accumulating on their filters dripping onto food cooking. This could be extremely hazardous for your kitchen staff, administrators, teachers, and of course those consuming the food. In the event of a mishap/fire not only equipment damage but the down time can be very costly to your commercial kitchen operation. Be proactive and safety conscious in your school or university commercial kitchen by engaging services from Cleaning Resource Center

Know Your Kitchen Exhaust System

Your commercial kitchen exhausts system and how it operates when in service and when it’s not in use. When in full operation, the exhaust system removes hot air and odors from the kitchen.  The system also and most importantly primary function it take grease particles out of the cooking area, exhausting it out of the building. If your exhaust system doesn’t stay clean, it won’t function 100% therefor you will have severe problems at some point.  Grease will accumulate in your exhaust system, and could fuel a fire.

Allow CRC to Facilitate All The Required Services For Your Hood System

When you partner with Cleaning Resource Center, you’ll be able to rest assured that your commercial kitchen will be in the hands of professional and well trained Technicians.  We have over 25 years in the commercial kitchen exhaust system cleaning business; we know just what to do to effectively remove grease deposits from every inch of your exhaust system. We will place your facility into a timely schedule of services whereas you won’t have the stress or safety concerns on the condition of your hood system.  Sign up for your commercial kitchen exhaust system’s first inspection and cleaning by calling 602-454-6790. We will work with you to schedule a FREE Inspection on a date and time that’s most convenient for your busy schedule.

Our Cleaning Process

We effectively clean every inch of exhaust systems via the high pressure, chemical injection and hand scraping, we will also use various specific tools of our trade.  We recommend that all school and university commercial kitchen’s exhaust systems be cleaned or inspected a minimum of 2 times per year. Rest assured your commercial kitchen exhaust system will be maintained to the utmost industry standards by Cleaning Resource center

Fire and Health Compliant

After every hood cleaning service, our technicians will place a  “hood sticker” on each hood as proof that your NFPA Code 96 Compliant as well as meeting City and Sate regulated obligations;  by successfully having your exhaust system cleaned as required. Our hood stickers identify your hood to fire and health code inspectors as compliant.  

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