Specialty Services

Commercial Kitchen Cleaning


We provide cleaning that includes:

  • Back wall, from floor to hood
  • Behind equipment, including gas lines
  • Floors
  • Floor mats


Captive Aire and Halton Pollution Control Unit (PCU)


Our technicians are qualified to remove, clean filter cavity and replace various filters in PCU's. Filters can be purchased directly from CRC.

PCU cleaning process includes:

  • Remove and discard filters
  • Clean cavity
  • Install new filters


Commercial Dryer Vent Cleaning


Reduced airflow and the resulting lint build-up cause overheating and various malfunctions. Dryer vent cleaning is a proactive solution to these problems.

Our process includes:

  • Inspection of dryer lint compartment and duct work
  • Remove all accessible lint
  • Install access panels where necessary


Commercial Power Washing


Using a commercial grade concrete spinners, high pressure power washers and biodegradable cleaning agents we can clean your:

  • Driveway and Dumpster Pad
  • Drive Thru
  • Sidewalk
  • Building Walls
  • Parking Lot


Other Complex Systems:


  • Commercial & Industrial Ventilation
  • High-line Lighting
  • Commercial & Industrial Equipment