We are teaming up with Affinity Bio Solutions in an effort to provide a service that helps reduce the risks associated with COVID-19. I have attached some information on ways we can help disinfect areas which the CDC recommends cleaning frequently, a lot of which exist at our work places. We don’t guarantee that the virus will be gone for good, but we are capable of disinfecting at a larger capacity. If you don’t have a use for these services, please pass along to anyone you believe may. We are trying to target schools, senior centers, grocery stores, and large food chain restaurants; high traffic areas are key to containing the spread.



A coalition between Affinity Bio Solutions & Cleaning Resource Center

Safety Data Sheets Click Here

Safety Data Sheets

Click Here

Emerging Viral Pathogens

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One-Step Disinfectant Cleaner 

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If you received this email you are believed to have a connection to those in need. Please don’t ignore, at least pass along and let the decision makers say no.