Best Commercial Kitchen Hood Exhaust Cleaning in Phoenix, Arizona

Best Commercial Kitchen Hood Exhaust Cleaning in Phoenix, Arizona

Are you looking for a company to keep your commercial kitchen exhaust system clean, code compliant; consistently? Is your kitchen hood in the Phoenix Arizona area? Then you’re definitely reading the right article, because CRC serves the entire Phoenix valley quality kitchen exhaust system cleaning services. We’ve been providing impeccable services to all of Arizona for over 18 years, and we’d be thrilled to engage in a partnership with you; adding you to our list of highly satisfied clients.

Kitchen Exhaust Hood Cleaning in Phoenix  

One of the most important components of your commercial kitchen is its exhaust system. Maintaining it to NFPA Code 96 is vital to the operation and safety of your facility. The main purpose of your exhaust system is safely eliminating vaporized grease residue, which is a natural byproduct of cooking, and removing hot air and odors, too. If too much grease builds up in your system, it becomes a “source of fuel” for a dangerous flash fire in your hood and exhaust ducts. Don’t put yourself at risk of having a preventable situation of unwanted fuel (grease), which could seriously hurt someone, and will damage your kitchen. This scenario will hurt your bottom line, when you have to close for repairs.

Keep your kitchen safe from potential damages from a fire and stay code compliant even while you are sleeping.  Join us and sign up for regular kitchen exhaust system cleaning services from Cleaning Resource Center. We’ve partnered with plenty of owners, GM’s, and facility directors in Phoenix and the surrounding cities and towns.  Our satisfied client list grows every day, due to our commitment in our quality service

High Pressure - High Temperatures

Our high pressure washers are skid mounts attached inside of each van. These units are temperature regulated and can run as high as 210 degrees. We have a variety of customized tools we use in scraping in order to prep hood systems for pressure washing. Combined with our cleaning agents that are all FDA Approved, we can say we have the best tools available in the market. On a final note our technicians are well trained and qualified to clean above and beyond minimum standards.

Hood Cleaning Documentation

After our technician successfully cleans your exhaust system, we will place a Hood Sticker commonly known as a Certificate of Performance on your exhaust hood.  This indicates that you have met your NFPA Code 96 obligations. Our hood stickers keep health and fire code inspectors highly satisfied, plus they may even help you save money on your insurance bills. You will also receive via email a Service Deficiency Report, as proof of service.

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