Cleaning Commercial Brick/Pizza Ovens in Phoenix, Arizona


Cleaning Resource Center has qualified technicians to completely clean your brick/pizza oven.

Cleaning Brick Ovens is usually done by the kitchen staff

Cleaning Exhaust Riser

CRC -Steps to Clean a Commercial Pizza Oven

Set Up:

  1. The oven must be cooled
  2. The inside swept and wiped out – we do not deep clean the inside
  3. The oven is prepped for duct/riser cleaning
  4. Remove rain cap from duct
  5. Using a variety of flex rods and metal round brushes – the duct is swept out vertically – if there is horizontals this will be followed through access panels removed
  6. Chemical is applied to special brushes and specially designed devices to remove remaining creosote and residue inside of ductwork
  7. Final clean – install rain cap

The best cleaning of a pizza/brick oven by Trained Professionals 

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