Cleaning Commercial Kitchens Phoenix, AZ


Kitchen Area & Stove Cleaning Around Phoenix AZ


Need to have your kitchen area and stove cleaned? Here are several suggestions right from a professional:


• Clean Your Kitchen Sink:

Cover kitchen sink with paper towels and then saturate in bleach.

Let it stand for just 30 minutes.


• Fully Clean Stove top:

Always rinse top by using cleaning soap and water.

Use a mixture of baking soda and water to chrome and stainless steel pieces. Let sit for 5 to 10 minutes.


• Clean Micro Wave:

Place a small microwave safe container full of white vinegar and just let the vinegar boil. Remove container and wipe down the microwave


• Clean A Coffeemaker:

Remove then dispose the used coffee filter.

Incorporate vinegar to the water reservoir until 1/4 full. Fill up with standard water until finally completely full. Run the coffeemaker. Turn off the coffee maker, let it cool for about Ten minutes. Run the vinegar and water mixture through the coffeemaker once more. Let cool for another 10 mins. Run plain water over the coffeemaker; let cool down for an additional 10 minutes, do it again. Hand-wash the carafe as well as filter basket with soapy water.


• Exhaust Fan:

Switch off the electric power to the fan at the fuse box.

Pull off cover then soak it on warm water by using dish washing solution. You could make use of a used toothbrush in order to clean all the hard to reach places. Unplug your fan unit and then pull it out. Set it on some newspaper or even card board. Wipe your fan unit down with dry paper towels. Once you get dust cleared away, spray a few window cleaner over a soft cloth then wipe blades down. Clean out the enclosure with vacuum crevice tool, wipe it thoroughly clean by using a dry fabric. Put the fan back together and then replace the cover.


• Oven Racks:

Place your oven racks in a garbage bag, throw in your old rag soaked with ammonia, seal it and then leave it outside over night. Rinse off with dish cleansing soap along with an abrasive sponge.


For all your commercial kitchen cleaning needs in Phoenix AZ contact the experts at Cleaning Resource Center.

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