Commercial And Industrial Dryer Vent Inspection and Cleaning Mesa, AZ

Commercial And Industrial Dryer Vent Inspection and Cleaning Mesa, AZ

Cleaning your Commercial or Industrial Dryer Vent is a very important service often overlooked however it’s a very important service. Most facilities do have some type of cleaning or inspection – having an experienced company provide a professional job cannot be under estimated. You will notice having your system cleaned by a professional will save money on your utility bill and most importantly reduce the risk of your facility having a dryer vent fire. It is recommended the dryer vent system be inspected at least once a year, by a certified company. Having it cleaned regularly can improve functionality and will create a safer more productive laundry area. When the dryer exhaust vents become full of dryer lint it will not ventilate the air from the dryer this causes the drying time to double. Commercial and Industrial Dryers will over heat; this will cause the dryer to stop working and possible repairs. You could be replacing dryers; when all you needed to do was clean the dryer vent, regularly.

Steps in Basic Dryer Vent Cleaning

1.      Power Off – Unplug the dryer (For gas-powered dryers you should also disconnect the gas line.)

2.      In smaller facilities its possible you will want to move the dryer out from the wall.  Most Commercial and Industrial Dryers are typically very large and not moveable.

3.      Remove the Dryer Vent (ductwork/pipe) and all dryer vent access doors – Inspect the entire dryer vent duct from the dryer to the exit point. There should be no cracks or restrictions. The vent should be air tight from the dryer to end of the discharge vent

4.      Remove the Lint – Lint should be removed from both the vent and the back of the dryer. You can reach in and pull out the lint but for a more thorough cleaning use a vacuum hose. CRC has multiple flex rods and specialized dryer vent cleaning equipment. Even small amounts of lint build up can create a safety hazard. Lint can also be backed up in the dryer itself. A professional needs to remove that back panel of the dryer to clean the inside.

5.      Replace the Dryer Vent Duct and all Dryer Vent Access Doors. Secure with appropriate fire rated material.

Commercial and Industrial Dryer Vent Cleaning: At CRC we typically need to install fire rated access doors to effectively gain access to the ductwork clean these types of dryer vents Routine cleaning keeps dryers safe and working properly.

CRC will provide ultimate cleaning in your Industrial and Commercial Dryer Vent System in Mesa AZ and you will be code compliant per International Mechanical Code Section 504 Clothes Dryer Exhaust  

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