Do You Know You We Have A Grease Hood Filter Exchange Program Awatukee,  Arizona

Do You Know You We Have A Grease Hood Filter Exchange Program Awatukee,  Arizona

If you have been in the restaurant industry for any period of time you know that cleaning your grease filters can be a huge challenge; remove them, clean them, and replace them. They are greasy, heavy; awkward to say the least typically this is often overlooked. You and your staff have so much on your minds that it can be hard to remember to the clean grease filters regularly. On the other hand, it’s one essential task that can’t be neglected. Health regulations require your hood filters to be clean – grease free. Greasy hood filters can be major fire hazard. Clean filters can trap up to 70-80% of the grease that passes through them, but grease-saturated filters don’t work properly, air flow will be affected.  Your entire cooking system won’t function efficiently, and there will be a dangerous accumulation of grease right above the cooking appliances. One spark and your entire kitchen could become a fire out of control

Not Worth Your Time

Let your staff focus on what they do best—preparing gourmet food for your guests to enjoy each meal. Cleaning Resource Center can take care of cleaning your greasy hood filters. You’ll get amazing peace of mind from knowing that your grease filters are taken care of without you having to stress out about them all the time. We can do it after hours; whereas you’re kitchen operation will never be interrupted

See How Our Filter Exchange Can Help You

Call CRC 602-454-6790 to initiate grease filter cleaning and replacement services. We’ll discuss your grease filter needs and set up a regular schedule for you. Then, at the specified intervals, a qualified grease filter technician will deliver like new clean filters right to your kitchen, right when you need them.

Rotations For Hood Filter Exchange

Filter Exchange Rotations will vary on each specific Restaurant; appliances, types of food, and of course volume. Most restaurants accumulate rather large amounts of grease on their grease filters, so changing them every 2 -3 weeks is the typical recommendation.  However, if your restaurant staff doesn’t use much grease or oil, filters can be changed every 4-6 weeks. We can review and discuss your cooking practices with you and provide you with custom plan and recommendations for maintain clean hood filters in your facility

New Hood Filters Sales

Not only do we provide grease filter cleaning services, we can also provide you with replacement filters when needed.  We have in inventory every size of high quality Filters from every Manufacturer including Flame Guard Brand. AS Distributor we not only purchase grease filters in bulk, but also are able to get great pricing and pass that saving on to you our customer.  We can save you money every time you need a new grease hood filter. Our technicians would be glad to examine your current grease filters at time of service and update you when they need to be replaced.

History of Cleaning Resource Center Filter Exchange

With CRC, you never have to worry about maintaining your grease filters again! Check one important item off your To Do list when you contact us.  We have been serving Arizona Restaurants for 25 years, so you can count on us excellent grease filter exchange service consistently.  This service has been found to be incredibly helpful for restaurants and facilities throughout the state because it significantly reduces the risk of exhaust system fires and air flow.


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