Don’t Have Code Violations in Your Commercial Kitchen Tempe, Arizona  

Don’t Have Code Violations in Your Commercial Kitchen Tempe, Arizona  

If you manage a commercial kitchen, there are so many codes that you need to be aware of.  A health or fire inspector can show up unexpectedly at any time.  If you have greasy hood filters in your hood or an exhaust system over due for cleaning, you could be slapped with serious fines. Many local TV Stations post health code violators on their websites; this could absolutely ruin not only your reputation but of course your bottom line will be drastically affected too. You could have to close for a certain period of time, losing valuable revenue each day, and you’ll have to pay a steep fine in order to reopen for business. You will probably have to pay for emergency hood cleaning and fire suppression services which will be very costly

Why put yourself in a position that could have such a negative effect on your business? It’s not worth the risk; “inspectors” will eventually walk in for unannounced inspections.  Make sure you’re always aware and follow each health and fire code in your commercial kitchen. The repercussions from the failed inspections will put you on the wrong map.  Once you are identified as a violator, you will be on a regular surprise inspection cycle. You do not want to deal with the enormous hassle of violation repercussions.

Question:  how are you supposed to stay on top of every single code and ensure your commercial kitchen complies with them all the time? You already have enough to deal with on a day-to-day basis – adding more items to your To Do list just isn’t feasible. You don’t have enough hours in the day as-is!

That’s where Cleaning Resource Center comes in. Begin your partnership with CRC and you won’t have to worry about key violations in your commercial kitchen exhaust system ever again. We offer a several services to make your job as an Owner, Manager or Facility Director so much easier.

Services we provide:

Kitchen exhaust system cleaning

Grease filter exchange service

Entire kitchen cleaning

Fire suppression system service

Fire extinguishers


Complete Kitchen Exhaust System Cleaning

When you join us at Cleaning Resource Center, you will experience a more efficient, cleaner and safer environment in your commercial kitchen. We’ll keep your hood exhaust system clean and up-to-fire and health code; whereas you run your operation more effectively.  Let us take over the scheduling and maintenance of your kitchen exhaust system permanently. We provide awesome service with well-trained Technicians and supply you with all the required documentation needed to successfully pass every type of inspection pertaining to the kitchen exhaust hood. Partnering with Cleaning Resource Center may even help you save on your insurance premiums

Don’t Let Code Violations Cause you Pain

CRC can help ensure that your kitchen exhaust hood system is clean, compliant and running efficiently. Code Violations will take additional revenue away from your pocket. Violations will also reduce your customer base. Let’s face it, nobody wants to eat at a restaurant that has a lot of health violation. Code Violations could destroy your business – don’t let all your hard work go down the tubes for this reason

To reduce code violations in commercial kitchen exhausts call Cleaning Resource Center    


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