Experienced in Cleaning Captive Aire and Halton Pollution Control Unit (PCU) in Phoenix, AZ

Pollution Control Units (PCU’s) are designed for the removal of grease particles and reduction of smoke from the air stream of commercial kitchen exhaust systems. They can also help neutralize unwanted airborne odors and the bacteria that cause them. With the growing number of clean air regulations there are more restaurants and businesses installing PCUs to their kitchen exhaust systems.

With these new units comes regular cleaning that the PCUs must undergo along with your kitchen exhaust system. Luckily if you are getting your kitchen exhaust cleaning done by Cleaning Resource Center (CRC) they can also clean your PCU. The technicians at Cleaning Resource Center are qualified to remove, clean filter cavity and replace various filters in PCU’s. PCU filters can also be purchased directly from CRC. The technicians remove and discard the old filters, then they clean the cavity, and finally they install the new filters.

If you have a professional Captive Aire and Halton Pollution Control Unit Cleaning  cleaning in the Phoenix AZ  -area consider calling CRC next time you want to get it cleaned and ask about out other services including kitchen exhaust cleaning. 877.454.6790

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