Get a Commercial Kitchen Fire & Safety Evaluation from CRC Paradise Valley, AZ

Get a Commercial Kitchen Fire & Safety Evaluation from CRC Paradise Valley, AZ

Are you unsure if your Restaurant Kitchen is meeting all the Fire & Safety Codes?

Let Cleaning Resource Center do a complete evaluation; we will at no cost to your Commercial Kitchen in your Restaurant or Facility supply important information

There are many Federal, State, and City fire and safety code regulations governing commercial kitchens. Staying in compliance is very important, both from a legal standpoint and for a safe environment for your employees and customers. At CRC we are your Arizona statewide experts in Kitchen Hood Exhaust Cleaning.  We can take a look and review your kitchen and recommend any changes or services, point out areas that may not have been cleaned to meet minimum standards.  Our goal is to guide you and do what is necessary to become and remain in compliance with fire prevention safety codes.

Here’s an overview of the services we can provide.

Complete Kitchen Exhaust System Cleaning

Our service technicians are well trained and Company Certified, which means they have completed training courses; written, oral and practical to meet a higher standard for cleaning, inspecting and maintenance of commercial kitchen exhaust systems. This enables them to provide expert assessments of the current condition of your exhaust hoods and ducts and perform high-quality cleaning as needed.

Suppression System Service

The Exhaust Hood Fire Suppression System is a very important system that should be maintained in every commercial kitchen. CRC can coordinate this important service in our Hood Cleaning Program. Certified and qualified technicians can provide all the fire safety services required to keep your system code compliant, functionality and refilling and resetting the system after a discharge.

Portable Fire Extinguisher Sales & Service

Having functional portable fire extinguishers at strategic locations around the kitchen is not only required by law, but also necessary for containing a small fire.  You have an obligation to protecting your property and your employees from grease fires in the kitchen. Cleaning Resource Center can assist you with many types of portable fire extinguishers

Cleaning Resource Center is the best company for all the Fire Safety needs in any Commercial Kitchen


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