Grease in a Commercial Kitchen has to go Somewhere Tempe, Arizona

Grease in a Commercial Kitchen has to go Somewhere

There are several ways grease moves out of a Commercial Kitchen

Restaurant Cooking can be a greasy business. Whether it’s a fast-food, high end restaurant or bar food; the appliances used for cooking will produce a certain amount of waste grease.  

Where does the grease go?

What problems can it arise from not having a functional plan for grease removal? 

Grease Rises in the Air in Every Facility

The first place that grease goes during cooking is up in the air. As food is cooked, a certain amount of the grease released from the food or the oil it’s cooking in becomes vaporized. In a properly designed commercial kitchen, the greasy air will automatically get sucked up into the exhaust hood. Some of the grease will accumulate on the hood grease filters. The hood filters are designed to capture grease particles. The hood is designed for the grease to run off the filters downward into the trough. Usually most hood will have grease cup to capture the grease accumulations from the filters. However substandard or inexpensive filters will allow a high percentage of grease to flow right through the filter into the hood system  

This is where the problems start. Grease residue inside hood systems present a major issue because the grease residue will accumulate, collect and are highly flammable. Fortunately, you can rely on Cleaning Resource Center to eliminate grease in every commercial kitchen exhaust hood system.  We have a variety of equipment and specialized tools to keep every exhaust hood system within all Fire, Health and NFPA Codes.  WE also have a grease filter exchange program to ensure clean hood filters in each and every hood system we service.

Grease Going Down the Floor Drain

Grease that doesn’t go airborne during cooking can easily end up going down the floor drain. This can happen many ways; grease is spilled on the floor, grease from equipment being cleaned on the floor. Essentially everything on the floors typically gest washed into the floor drains. While most floor drains have screens and to avoid bulk from entering the drain; however grease when hot, will easily flow into the drain. Once the grease is in the floor drain pipes it will cool, harden and at some point be the main reason a floor drain clogs up this is a serious problem, for the restaurant and for the staff. Clogged floor drains will be a source of bacteria and will contaminate your commercial kitchen area including food and staff. Keep the floor drains clean and free of unwanted grease accumulations

Recycling Commercial Kitchen Grease

This segment of grease recycling once very popular has seem too fallen off. Several years ago many companies were picking up the used fryer oil for free and in some cases even paying for it. This is not a common practice in the last couple of years.  Recycling programs have changed grease and fryer oil is no longer a very hot commodity. Some organizations still offer collection services, for free, reusing the fryer oil for biodiesel.  

CRC can help remove and eliminate grease build up in your commercial kitchen

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