Heavy Equipment Power Washing in Phoenix, AZ

Mud, dirt, grease, grime, and fluids can impact the performance of heavy equipment. Keeping heavy equipment clean is important to get the best performance from these machines. It also extends the longevity of the costly equipment and allows your employees to handle them properly. Power washers are perfect for cleaning heavy equipment and machinery, as they come equipped with features that help clean complex and heavy machinery with absolute ease.

Cleaning heavy equipment has to be done from time to time for maintenance and preventative breakdown. Often times it is done for company branding and appearance. Whatever your needs are for cleaning heavy equipment, it can be a tough and long job. Below are types of grease that heavy equipment has and the areas to find them.

Types of Grease

Fresh and Soft Grease – This grease is not mixed with dirt or any other contaminants so it is the easiest to clean off.

Grease Mixed with Dirt – This grease is mixed with dirt and contaminants and is a bit more challenging to remove.

Aged and Hard Grease Mixed with Grease – This grease is the most difficult to remove and requires strong degreaser to clean off.


Moving Components Joints – With these areas that must be greased regularly keeping them clean makes them easier to grease.

Hydraulic Lines – Maintaining these clean is very important so finding leaks and worn out lines is easier.

Fuel Tank Caps – Having a clean fuel cap and the area around it clean prevents contaminants from going in the fuel tank.

Engine Bay – This is the most important part of your machine, having a dirty motor causes your motor to run hot and prematurely wear out. More importantly inspecting the motor and detecting damage leaks is important to keep machinery running smoothly.

These are types of grease and places to check for it to make sure that your heavy equipment is running properly and to make sure you get them cleaned properly before the damage is irreversible. If you have a job that is just too big or you just don’t have the time for it call our company, Cleaning Resource Center, for any heavy equipment power washing needs contact us at 877.454.6790.

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