Hinge Kits Are Required On All Upblast Fans Avondale, Arizona

Hinge Kits Are Required On All Upblast Fans

Cleaning Resource Center can install Hinge Kits on Upblast Fans. The Hinge Kit will protect your investment in the fan(s) and you will be NFPA Compliant

Hinge kits are required on all upblast fans according to NFPA 96 Standard A hinge kit is very similar to a door hinge, and it allows an upblast fan to fold open safely and easily so that technicians can clean the underside of the fan and the ductwork beneath the fan. Without a hinge kit, technicians must completely detach the fan from the duct on each service and set it on the roof. This can cause a number of problems including:

  1. Bent base plate of the fan or the duct work, which can cause gaps that allow grease to leak onto the roof and damage the roof or allow precipitation into the duct work and even into the kitchen. A loose connection between the fan base plate and duct work can also cause the fan to rattle, making noise and reducing the life of the fan.
  2. Damaged fan wiring, due to stretching when removing the fan from the duct work and placing it on the roof.
  3. Damaged roof and/or leaks, due to placing the fan on the roof repeatedly for cleaning and maintenance.


There are several types of Hinge Kits. Let our Trained Technicians inspect and measure the fan and curb. Our Inspection will let us determine what type of Hinge Kit is best for your specific application. Sometimes the electrical supply to the fan(s) may also need to be extended.  


CRC helps its customers avoid this problem by installing hinge kits on up blast fans. Protect your equipment, your roof, and maintain your NFPA 96 compliance by having CRC install a hinge kit on your upblast fans, Avondale , AZ 

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