Kitchen Exhaust Hood Cleaning for 2019 Phoenix, AZ

Kitchen Exhaust Hood Cleaning for 2019 Phoenix, AZ

Soon another new year will be here, 2019 is around the corner. What great year we have experienced at Cleaning Resource Center.  While some of our clients have moved on, we have partnered with many many new restaurants, facilities and hotels.

CRC Is Here For All Your Cleaning Needs

We understand the pressures of Owners, GM’s and Management Staff. Let us take care of the kitchen exhaust cleaning and many other areas of required cleaning in your department or facility. We provide service in many areas of commercial and industrial cleaning; we can usually help with most cleaning challenges

Scheduling Cleaning Services

We offer a whole range of fire prevention and commercial kitchen cleaning and specialty cleaning services to make your life easier and more manageable.  When we form our partnership, you won’t have worry about making sure your kitchen requirements are met and code compliant. We will ensure kitchen exhaust hood system services meet NFPA Code 96. We will consistently provide quality services each and every visit. You can focus on many other areas of your commercial kitchen operations – we will take care of the cleaning.    

CRC Has a Great Reputation For Many Reasons

Cleaning Resource Center has been providing service in commercial kitchens for over 26 years. Call or email us for a personalized quote and recommendations whereas you will always be Code Complaint. Once you are in our “system” scheduling and performing services become automatic and seamless. CRC technicians will arrive perform their services and leave all the required documentation you need for Insurance and AHJ’s (Authority Having Jurisdiction)

Get Ready For the New Year With CRC

More than likely, you’ll see a dramatic lessening of your stress levels when you begin partnering with Cleaning Resource Center. Let us take care of your entire commercial kitchen’s fire prevention, exhaust cleaning and general cleaning needs today. So many Facility Director, GM’s and Restaurant Operators throughout Arizona and Clark County NV depend on CRC every day. We’d be happy to assist you with all your commercial kitchen services

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