Major Distributor of Hood Filters for Commercial Kitchens in Golden Valley, AZ

Are you in need of new hood filters for your kitchen? Along with commercial kitchen cleaning we distribute for every major hood manufacturer. We carry Type I, Type II and Type III hood filters. Your exhaust hood filters are the first line of defense in your kitchen exhaust system. They keep the grease and debris from entering the ventilation system to maintain environmental quality and reduce risks of fires. But for filters to do their job properly they must be in top working condition.

There is no schedule for replacing hood filters. It depends on the type of filter, how it’s maintained and the amount of grease, debris, and heat it is exposed to. They may need to be replaced every six to eight months if it’s a busy restaurant or it can last as long as two years. Different filters different qualities stainless steel filters last longer than aluminum or galvanized. You will also get more life from heavy-duty filters than standard duty.

Proper care and maintenance for your filters also prolongs their life cycle. Every time they are cleaned inspect them for signs of corrosion, dents, holes and warping that prevent the filter from sitting properly in the hood opening. Filters that show any of these signs should be replaced to keep grease from getting further into your kitchen exhaust system. Keep filters clean and replace those that are worn or damaged. By maintaining and checking you filters regularly you can extend their life and protect the functionality of your kitchen exhaust system.

If you are in need of hood filters for your commercial kitchen in Golden City, AZ, please contact us at 877.454.6790.

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