Make Comprehensive Hood/Exhaust Cleaning a Priority Tempe, AZ

Make Comprehensive Hood/Exhaust Cleaning a Priority

Did you know that your Kitchen Exhaust System is one of the most important parts of your Commercial Kitchen?  No matter how big or small your kitchen is; the exhaust plays an essential role in keeping your whole system working efficiently and safely. That being said, plenty of people mistakenly neglect their commercial kitchen’s cleaning service - with disastrous results.

Neglecting to have your Hood Exhaust System thoroughly cleaned on a regular basis makes your entire system run less efficiently – and it can even be dangerous. In Hoods grease will build up and eventually, could be a fuel source for a flash fire. This will cause the Fire Suppression System to discharge.  Consequently, the fire department will have to be called; your business may have to shut down, costing you valuable income.  You may even have to replace equipment in your commercial kitchen. Excessive grease in the Hood System will contribute to more damage.

Comprehensive Hood/Exhaust Cleaning

Exhaust/Hood cleaning for your commercial kitchen, is a priority for us at Cleaning Resource Center. We would like to provide you with valuable material and help educate you on the Standards and Codes in the Industry.   Partner with CRC and you’ll never have to worry about your System being properly cleaned on a regular basis again.

Kitchen Hood Exhaust Cleaning is accomplished through hand scraping and using a variety of high temp power washers.  We recommend stay on consistent schedule. Hand scraping involves simply scraping the built-up grease off the fans, fan blades plenums, troughs and all ductwork.   During the power washing phase, hot, chemical induced, pressurized water effectively removed built-up grease.

Hood Stickers

We will reach every inch and crevice of your exhaust system. We will apply a Hood Sticker to each hood after each job as proof that you have fulfilled your NFPA code obligations. These stickers keep Fire and Health inspectors satisfied. .


We can provide a Cleaning Quote in every area in your Commercial Kitchen - complete comprehensive hood/exhaust cleaning in Tempe AZ 

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