Restaurant Oil and Grease Spill Cleanup and Recovery in Glendale, AZ

Restaurants are the sites of many grease and oil spills. In most areas of the country, when cleaning a grease spill at a restaurant, wastewater may be collected, filtered to meet local standards, and then pumped into the grease trap at that restaurant. There are two types of food grease spills at restaurants. One is from fryer oil being spilled and the other is from the grease trap backing up. Both can quickly cover large areas, especially if cars drive through and track the grease. Old food grease can really stink when it is hot, and the odor can linger for weeks.


All restaurants have grease traps in their sanitary sewer system to catch the grease and prevent it from flowing into the main sanitary sewer lines where it may clog pipes. Grease traps must be pumped out when they get full. In some instances, the grease tap backs up and overflows into the parking lot. When tackling such cleanup, it may require a pumper truck to be present during cleanup so the source of the spills is contained and there is somewhere to dump wastewater.

Restaurant fryer oil is dumped into a container to be recycled. The grease is usually carried from the kitchen in buckets that can drip on the way to the recycle container. Fryer oil may be spilled while being dumped into the container, which is usually kept out in the trash enclosure. The company that recycles fryer oil sometimes spills oil when dumping the consolidated collection container into their truck. Such spills often consist of many gallons of dirty, foul-smelling fryer oil.


Motor oil or hydraulic oil spills require special attention to disposal of wastewater. For example, depending upon the amount of oil in wastewater, it may be necessary to take all of the water/oil mixture to an EPA certified disposal company or waste site. If there is a large volume of oil to be collected, the cleanup may need to be done by a hazmat-certified company.


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