Steps to Inspecting and Cleaning your Dryer Vent in Scottsdale, AZ

Cleaning your dryer vent may not seem like an important thing that needs to be done but you’d be surprised that by doing it you could save money on your utility bill and most importantly reduce the risk of having your house go up in flames. At least having your dryer vent inspected and cleaned once a year can make a difference. When the dryer vent is full of dryer lint it cannot do its job properly and ventilate the air from the dryer this causes the drying time to double and it increases energy costs. This can also cause the dryer to stop working and you may find yourself buying a new dryer when all you needed to do was clean the dryer vent.

1.      Turn the Power Off – Unplug the dryer (For gas-powered dryers you must also disconnect the gas line.)

2.      Move the Dryer – You will want to move the dryer out from the wall go as far as the vent will safely let you. Hopefully this space is enough for you to access the dryer vent.

3.      Remove the Dryer Vent – Inspect the connection from the dryer to the vent pipe for cracks. Make sure that the duct is the shortest possible length and not crimpled to allow the exhaust air to escape. The vent should be held by a clamp, with a screwdriver loosen the clamp and detach the vent from the dryer.

4.      Remove the Lint – Lint should be removed from both the vent and the back of the dryer. You can reach in and pull out the lint but for a more thorough cleaning use a vacuum hose.  Most of the lint should be at the end of the vent but reach in as far as you can. Even if one lint build up is left it can create a safety hazard. Lint can also be backed up in the dryer itself. A professional needs to remove that back panel of the dryer to clean the inside. Also check for coins and other items that can lodge themselves in the blower of the dryer.

5.      Replace the Dryer Vent – You can now replace the vent and reattach the clamp. Then carefully push the dryer back.

6.      Remove and Clean the Exhaust Vent – Locate the exhaust for the dryer vent outside your home. You will have to remove the cover and this may require the removal of screws and/or scrapping of caulking. If you can, slide the vent out and reach as far as you can and remove the lint you may also use the vacuum hose.

7.      Replace the Exhaust Vent and Cover – Your vent cover should have a screen to prevent rodents, birds and other pests from entering and nesting. Replace the vent and cover with care and add new caulking.

8.      Double-Check your work – Plug your dryer back in and run the dryer for 5 to 10 minutes on the fluff setting. Take caution when you stand near the outside exhaust in case any loose lint and debris finally dislodges, but make sure you check that the air is flowing freely through the vent and out of the house. If the dryer was not reassembled correctly it may start to spew lint into your home and cause an allergen problem, or worse.

Dryer Vent Cleaning Tips – If your dyer vent duct is longer than usual you may need to purchase specialized equipment or call in the professionals so the vent is cleaned thoroughly. Some older model vent hoods have narrow slats or grates that become clogged more quickly, so these may need to be cleaned more frequently. Routine cleaning keeps dryers safe and working properly.

That is the basis of what it takes to clean your dryer vent and people can certainly do it themselves but it may be better to call in a professional. One may want to do it themselves to save some money but it may be more cost effective to call in the professionals. They have all the special equipment and training to get the job done quickly and efficiently. You can save yourself some time and possibly any complications by calling in the professionals.

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