Why Is Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Hood Cleaning Important in Tempe Arizona ?

Why Is Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Hood Cleaning Important in Tempe Arizona ?

If you are a restaurant owner, facility director, or a manager/operator of a commercial kitchen in the Tempe area of Arizona, you probably know that you need to have a kitchen hood system installed in your commercial kitchen—this is a basic requirement not only for compliance with city and state fire codes, but also for keeping your building safe.

Simply having a commercial kitchen exhaust hood installed is not enough—you need to make sure it is serviced by a kitchen exhaust cleaning company as well as a fire suppression/ protection company  


Why Do I Need My Commercial  Kitchen Hood  Serviced?

The purpose of your kitchen hood is to trap grease particles, exhaust smoke, and move  air pollutants out of the kitchen. Obviously the kitchen hood will accumulate become a huge source of grease which is 100% fuel in the event of a fire,  if its not cleaned out regularly by professionals.

Over time, grease and grime deposits can coagulate and harden or turn into a sticky, extremely flammable glue-like substance inside the commercial kitchen ductwork and hood system that, with enough heat, will potentially ignite. This puts your staff , customers, assets, and building in danger of a fire emergency. Let alone the negative press coverage and loss of revenue during down time.

In addition to the fire and health  hazards associated with excessive grease build up in kitchen hood systems, there are a number of reasons why having regular kitchen hood cleaning services is important.

Here are a few reasons why you need regularly scheduled commercial kitchen hood cleaning services:


  1. Clean exhaust hoods prevent potentially dangerous particulates from escaping into your restaurant’s air, lowering the air quality and potentially posing a health hazard to your customers and staff.
  2. Being code compliant with fire and health departments, eliminates potential safety and health violations. If a facility is found with greasy hood filters or excessive grease in the ductwork, there will be consequences like a fine(s) shut down or both.
  3. Insurance carriers require every facility with a commercial kitchen exhuast hood restaurants to comply with all fire safety and health codes. If a hood system is found in constant violation of codes, the insurance carriers can drop coverage and or increase its premiums.

Are you overdue to schedule commercial kitchen hood cleaning services in Tempe  or nearby?

Benefits Of A Reputable Commercial Hood Cleaning Company

One question we get quite often is whether or not professional kitchen hood cleaning is really necessary. The truth is if you really wanted to, you could clean your kitchen exhaust hood by yourself. However, you will probably not satisfy fire and health inspectors, they will look for a “hood sticker” from a known company.  At Cleaning Resource Center  we strongly recommended that you let a professional and experienced kitchen hood cleaning company perform the task.


1. Time and Effort – Hood cleaning is dirty, difficult, and time consuming, and usually involves a stringent process. Removing hood filters, work area prep, and special grease cutting                  chemicals. CRC has expert technicians that know kitchen hoods very well. Hiring an expert Technicians within a professional company will ensure that your system is serviced efficiently and     correctly..

  1. Following the code – at CRC our professional kitchen hood Technicians are well-versed in fire and health codes and know how to make sure your system is compliant at all times. This is why we can do the job faster and more effectively.

When it comes down to it, the risks of not properly and thoroughly cleaning your kitchen exhaust hood or extending the prescribed cleaning rotation will likely to come back and cause you loss of time and money. Once you’ve had the professionals at CRC  service your commercial kitchen hood, you wont regret it


We provide the absolute best commercial kitchen hood cleaning throughout the Tempe Arizona area. 


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