Trained and Professional Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning in Kingman, AZ

Kitchen exhaust hood cleaning is needed by all restaurants, schools, hospitals, hotels, nursing homes, malls, airports, jails and every type of food serving business. Every year, thousands of fires occur in commercial kitchens due to businesses not following the NFPA Code 96 or having companies who are not properly trained and don’t do the cleaning properly. Many companies just focus on the hood, what you can see, and don’t clean the fan and associated ductwork.  If there is a fire at your business and the work was not done properly by a well trained company, your business risks not getting paid their insurance claim.


So you have to ask yourself are just my hoods getting cleaned or are they cleaning my entire exhaust system and are the Technicians properly trained. Many companies in this industry will send unqualified workers to your business. We are in constant training; compliant with NFPA 96  Various organizations offer training such as; International Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Association (IKECA). and Phil Ackland and Associates. Phil Ackland who has written series of books on commercial kitchen exhaust systems from covering installation to cleaning, he also offers training seminars.


Furthermore we have qualified supervisors out with our night crews. The owners of this company "ride" with the night crews, or will show up at job sites unannounced. Our experience and state of the art equipment enables us to clean the most difficult exhaust systems. In fact we specialize in cleaning systems most companies would walk away from. Some exhaust systems were poorly designed in providing adequate access for cleaning and we can clean them. We provide kitchen exhaust cleaning for Kingman, AZ, and most other locations in Arizona, Nevada, Utah and California

We recognize the importance of cleaning the entire exhaust system including the hood, fan and associated duct. We as a company want to be recognized in this industry for top-notch quality service. Management ensures all Technicians have obtained specialized advanced training in kitchen exhaust cleaning and to always operate with honesty, integrity and dedication to our customers.


If you want a well-trained and professional kitchen exhaust cleaning company in Kingman, AZ, please contact us at 877.454.6790 or by e-mail at

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